Watif Oya

Imagine you are a forest firefighter...

Your team receives an urgent call, an entire forest is burning. 

You rush to start fighting the fire and assisting possible victims.

Families have to be evacuated and the fire is spreading through the forest. All the firefighters work tirelessly.

Night falls and you have to sleep in the field to continue working tomorrow.

You are exhausted. You can't light a fire to heat your food otherwise you risk making the situation worse.

"After such a hard day and having to sleep close to the fire, it's hard not to be able to comfort yourself with a hot meal".
Omar, Firefighter

Watif Oya with hands
Watif Oya

Reusable container to heat up food at any time, in any situation and in any place.

Designers: Marko Filipic, Alejandro Fenoglio and Mati Papalini.

The Oya! set includes four components:
Spoon, Food Portion can, Heating Pod and the Oya! container.

To start heating up the food:
add a splash of water to the base of the oya container and reassemble the set.

Activating Watif Oya

Wait a few minutes until the container has expanded and the orange base is visible...

Oya! expands due to the chemical reaction of the heating pod.
This allows the user to be notified when the food is already warm.

Oya before heatingOya after heating
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Oya! was prototyped with final materials (silicone) and tested with real users in the field.

Watif Oya in useWatif Oya prototypeWatif Oya prototype

Oya! is produced using silicone injection moulding.

Strategic Design + Industrial Design + Experience Design

Full innovation project

Oya! is the result of a full innovation process, combining methods from different Design fields.

This project started by analysing problems rather than starting with an idea. Observing and interviewing users allows us to discover problems that are not visible to the naked eye and can lead to radical innovation.

A full innovation project can take several months to more than a year, but has the potential to generate a result of high competitive advantage.

Innovation process