We are two friends wanting to make good design the new normal.

Watif Marko Filipic

Marko Filipic

Marko is an adventurous Product Designer with a passion for simplicity and attention to details. He lived in 4 countries, participated in all kinds of projects and won several competitions, including the European Product Design Award.

Watif Mati Papalini

Mati Papalini

Mati is a Strategic Designer with more than five years of experience in Design and Innovation projects in 3 different countries and 7 different industries. Mati helps companies create great user-centred experiences, products and services.

Our Design Principles.

Work with, not for.

We do not have a conventional relationship with our clients. We invite them to participate in the process and share the Design Thinking mindset with them.

Craft amazingness.

In the design process we take care of every detail to take products and experiences to the next level. We design to surprise.

Train for mastery.

We are constantly improving our design process. We push all design tools to the limit on every project, each time a little bit further.

Innovation should be fun.

The creative process should always be fun, we bring this approach to all projects. When something gets boring, we make it fun. Designing is what we love to do, all projects we are passionate about and enjoy.

Ask deep questions.

Questions are our most powerful tool. Taking nothing for granted and making no assumptions is our way of working. We seek to give depth to each project.